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Christmas Cooking

Posted by on Sunday, January 1, 2012 in Dining, Food, General Information, Winter Break.

Here’s the thing about cooking: it takes time. I really enjoy trying out new recipes (considering my limited experience, that’s pretty much every time I make something) and the delicious home-made results. The problem I have with cooking is the lengthy preparation (I’m ALWAYS missing at least one ingredient!) and the tedious cleanup afterwards. Being a chef on the Food Network would clearly be the ideal career – Someone would buy all my ingredients, stock my super-sweet kitchen, and clean up my mess when I was done.

The secret ingredient is time.

At school, cooking is fun when you have the time, but with a meal plan (14 meals a week is default for sophomores) and a tough course load, it can be difficult to justify taking time out of your day to hang around in the kitchen. One sad tidbit about Vandy is that some of the houses lack cookware, including mine. Cooking in Vandy-Barnard requires me to bring all my own pans, pots, bowls, measuring cups, etc., none of which I have the money to buy!

With this in mind, I used break to do a little catch-up in the culinary department, and to start looking into recipes I can make at school without the fully equipped kitchen I enjoy at home. This break so far has included cookie baking and an adventure into the culinary lands of East Asia with my friend Jaris. Behold the fruits of our labor!

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