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We’ll Call This Part Two

Jan. 24, 2016—Two weeks in, and I've gathered that Vanderbilt is just as amazing as I had left it. It's cold outside now, so gather around for a cozy story of why Vanderbilt has my love!

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Exploring Kurdish Culture in Nashville

Nov. 5, 2015—Getting to experience an authentic Kurdish meal (read: feast) through my "Food, Identity, and Culture" anthropology class!!

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Find your niche.

May. 1, 2012—Trust me, these last few weeks have been stressful, as we all have had projects, papers, and exams galore, but… If you do it right, the stress can be very rewarding in the end. You just have to find the place you belong. A major that you enjoy and also understand in all its complexities....

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Yom HaShoah – Reach Out

Apr. 23, 2012—This past Thursday, the world celebrated Yom HaShoah, or Day of Holocaust Remembrance. Well, how is this related to Vanderbilt? Well, for one, Vandy has a phenomenal Jewish community on campus, but also, last weekend, I had an interesting opportunity that would not have occurred without the effort to create a connection with one of...

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