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COVID Freshman Year

May. 13, 2021—One of MANY zoom calls this semester! It is hard to believe that my first year at Vanderbilt has come and gone. This time last year, I remember praying that we would go to school in person and not have to spend my freshman year at home taking online classes. When we got the email...

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Mar. 9, 2021—A few weeks ago, Nashville received a couple inches of snow. Being from Indiana, I am used to getting snow like that several times each winter, but it is rare for Nashville to receive that kind of snow. Because of this, the roads were not plowed and the sidewalks were covered in snow for several...

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Vanderbilt Naval ROTC (Freshman Perspective)

Jan. 27, 2021—Since NROTC was one of the biggest factors in my decision to attend Vanderbilt, I wanted to write a little bit about my experience with the program thus far. I am a Midshipman Fourth Class (MIDN 4/C), which is what all the first-year midshipmen are ranked. As one moves up in class, it goes from...

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Why I Chose Vandy

Dec. 12, 2020—I never thought that a top 15 school was going to want me to attend as much as I wanted to attend it. But then I visited Vanderbilt. Walking through Vanderbilt’s campus for the first time the summer before my senior year of high school was overwhelming. It was easy to believe that the place...

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