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Food? Food!

May. 19, 2019—Everybody here likes food, right? That’s what I thought.  Lucky for you, Vanderbilt has some fantastic dining options, ranging from classic burgers and chicken tendies to Vietnamese phở and protein health bowls. The range of options is only superseded by their deliciousness. But I don’t want to tease you; Here is a small selection of...

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Pursuing One’s Passion?

May. 14, 2019—  Hey all, Jordan here   “Major” is synonymous with college, right? That’s the most fundamental aspect of college, right above roommates and bad choices. When deciding on one, many students tend to gravitate towards the mantra of “pursuing one’s passion,” which works out fantastically for some, not so well for others.   What I...

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New to Inside ‘Dores Student Blog? So am I!

May. 8, 2019—Hey all, Being a new blogger and such, I’ve started snooping around the Inside ‘Dores site to explore all the virtual nooks and crannies of this space, to see if there are any interesting tidbits laying about. Knowing that most of you are as clueless as I am, perhaps bringing you along for the adventure...

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Green (and Orange) Walks

Dec. 2, 2018—Walking across campus is electric; people are in constant motion going to one activity or another, the buildings all hum with academic energy, and the sun radiates down on the whole scene. The constantly available stimulus of people and papers is enough to capture anyone’s attention for a lifetime. The last thing on anyone’s mind...

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