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New to Inside ‘Dores Student Blog? So am I!

Posted by on Wednesday, May 8, 2019 in Blog, Campus resources, Communications, General Information.

Hey all,

Being a new blogger and such, I’ve started snooping around the Inside ‘Dores site to explore all the virtual nooks and crannies of this space, to see if there are any interesting tidbits laying about. Knowing that most of you are as clueless as I am, perhaps bringing you along for the adventure would be informative as well as insightful.


  1. The Main Page



If you’ve happened to stumble upon our webpage, congratulations. This is where you most likely ended up – the homepage. The homepage links you to every bit of content Inside ‘Dores has available. Taking center stage are the most recently published blog posts, circled in blue. These posts contain the most up-to-date information about Vanderbilt, posted by Vanderbilt Students themselves.


2. The Magic Sidebar

On the right side of the main webpage is the magical sidebar. With two easy clicks, you can sift through all the blog posts stored on Inside ‘Dores and find the exact one you’re looking for. There are three categories to choose from – Topics, Archives, and Bloggers.


2a. Topics/Tags

This page is the meat and potatoes of our website. Every blog post is required to be labeled with one or more categories, and here is where those categories become useful. Looking for posts about freshman life? Click on the link, and they will obediently appear. Curious about the music scene near campus? “Music” should have you covered.

Scroll just a little farther down on the categories pages, and you will find the “Tags” section. Now, tags are a bit more… specific. These are the optional labels our bloggers attach to their posts that are simply more detailed and personal than categories. Some such as activism or profession are not much different from their category cousins, but others…

It is delicious

A rather common phrase in Nashville, I have learned

Yipes! Just reading that made me jump in my seat a little


2b. Archives

The “Archives” tab stores blog posts by month and year, so it is easy to find posts from a specific time period or specific cohort of Vanderbilt students. In addition, down the page, posts are stored by topic, but this is not much different from the “Topics” tab.


2c. Bloggers

Here you can find all the current bloggers, listed by graduating year. Each blogger has their own page, including a picture and short biography of who they are. It’s really neat to learn about who is writing these posts! We are not just faceless entities, but real students :)


3. The Admissions Blog

Just under the list of current students on the magic sidebar resides a link to The Admissions Blog (we can ignore the “Subscribe” and “Undergraduate Admissions” links for now). This link takes you to, well, The Admissions Blog, a blog run by the admissions councilors. Their posts are well put together, informative, and several notches ahead of ours in terms of neatness. You should check them out!

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