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Spotlight: Disabilities Awareness Partnership

Jul. 27, 2017—Being a college student is amazing, but it can also be rough sometimes, especially so if you happen to be a college student with some kind of disability. That’s why this week I wanted to talk about support systems and highlight a student org I am a part of called the Disabilities Awareness Partnership (or...

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Building Skills Outside Your Academic Comfort Zone

Jul. 17, 2017—Have you ever wondered how English majors are such great writers, how Chemistry majors understand all those reactions, or how Human & Organizational Development majors all seem to be able to ace any presentation? As a neuroscience major, I have always been insanely impressed by my friends who are majoring in the humanities. My best...

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Connecting with Administrators

Jul. 15, 2017—Chancellor. Vice Chancellor. Provost. Dean. College is filled with administrators with titles that may sound scary and intimidating. However for anyone thinking about coming to Vanderbilt, or who is already here, I’d like to take this post to talk about how accessible the administration is, which is super cool, because it means that students like...

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Vandy’s Golden Ticket: New Friends in New Locales

Oct. 4, 2015—New friends, new cultures, and a magical portal to Mexico City? Just another incredible day at Vandy.

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