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More on Professor Van Schaack

Apr. 11, 2011—Morgan Weisman, my fellow blogger and sorority sister, is right. Academics at Vanderbilt are not always a piece of cake, but there are those professors that make paying $50,000 on a tuition bill worthwhile. Professor Andy Van Schaack is one of those.  I realize Morgan elaborated quite a bit on him, but enough can’t be...

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Spring Break Paintballing

Mar. 19, 2011—Lucky for us student-athletes who are in season, we get to have Vanderbilt’s campus all to ourselves during spring break!!!  Never mind getting tan on a cruise through the Caribbean and eating good food at Mardi Gras, we get to enjoy bathrooms all to ourselves and experience no lines at bread and co, no waiting...

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Class helped me meet a celebrity…

Mar. 10, 2011—Piggybacking off of what fellow blogger Lindsey Rothrock talked about in her post “Homework: Go to a Concert”, I have been in three music classes (American Music, African Music, and Blues) where I have had to attend concerts and write small papers on them.  These active assignments encourage students to explore Nashville for what it...

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Good Eatin’

Feb. 26, 2011—My parents come visit to watch almost every one of my home lacrosse games.  Because of the scheduling for nonstop flights from Philadelphia, they usually spend the night before in the Marriot right near campus.  Lucky for me, this means indulging myself in delicious meals.  Among one of my favorite places to dine is Monell’s...

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Sorority Perks

Jan. 30, 2011—As a member of Vanderbilt’s varsity Women’s Lacrosse team, I hope to offer a new perspective to the blogging site by providing information about activities, services, and service opportunities both inside and outside of athletics. Having just gone through sorority recruitment, I would like to focus this first blog on my participation in Greek Life.

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