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July, 2019

How I Met My Friends Freshman Year (and how you can meet yours, too!)

Jul. 27, 2019—Before arriving at Vanderbilt, I remember being super stressed about how I’d find ‘my people.’ I already had a roommate lined up, but would we be best friends? What if she was my only friend? Would I even be able to fit in with the stereotypical Vandy student?! Of course, all those concerns flew out...

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Vanderbilt FAQs

Jul. 23, 2019—Happy summer everyone! My summer has been quite busy so far but also very exciting. This summer I am a virtual medical scribe, studying for the GRE, and also hanging out with new and old friends here in Nashville. In addition, I am also working at the Vanderbilt Office of Undergraduate Admissions this summer and...

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