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January, 2017

An A&S Student’s Journey through the 4 Undergraduate Schools

Jan. 29, 2017—With job searches, graduate school considerations, new leadership positions, and the sad realization of my last year here at Vandy, last semester was a roller coaster of emotions. The one defining aspect of this year is quite unique. Last semester, I took classes in all four undergraduate schools, and I’m proudly continuing that practice in my...

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Today’s Tour: First Timers!

Jan. 28, 2017— Giving tours is definitely one of my favorite things to do on campus, and today was one of those days that reminded me why!

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All About the Bluebird

Jan. 28, 2017—If you’ve never heard of the Bluebird, it is an iconic, tiny music venue in Nashville.

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TRANSFERS: Application Season

Jan. 14, 2017—With high school students' applications out of the way, it is transfer students' time to shine!

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SAQ: How has Phi Lamb Impacted You?

Jan. 9, 2017—Welcome to SAQ, where Sophie Answers Questions! Here, learn more about Phi Lamb, the Christian sorority on campus. Phi Lamb was one of the best decisions I made my freshman year. My ‘pledge class’ (the people who go through New Member Education with) was about 6-7 girls, and I made some of my closest friendships...

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New Year, New Classes!

Jan. 6, 2017—Although I wish I were a freshman again and had four more years at Vanderbilt, there are some perks to getting older and being closer to the dreaded “G” word (a.k.a graduation!). I always look forward to registering for classes and planning my schedule for the next semester, and being a junior, I got all...

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