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December, 2016

Some Off-Campus Things

Dec. 30, 2016—Nashville is super cool. There are plenty of things to do off-campus.

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Finals Week at Vanderbilt

Dec. 15, 2016—What is Finals Week like at Vanderbilt?

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Fall 2016: A few of my favorite things

Dec. 2, 2016—1. First (full) football game. It’s shameful I know, but this semester I attended my first full football against South Carolina, and I had so much fun cheering on fellow Commodores in the opening game of the season! We lost, but it was still very enjoyable, and I got funnel cake :) 2. Class of...

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Favorite Off Campus Study Breaks

Dec. 1, 2016—With my second fall semester winding down, I should be studying for finals, but all I can think about is Christmas Break! I’ve only been back from Thanksgiving for a week, and I’m already overwhelmed by the end of semester assignments and finals prep. Some days, the best thing for my sanity is to take...

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