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Roommate 102

Posted by on Saturday, April 11, 2015 in College Life, Freshman Life, General Information.

For most incoming freshmen, the idea of living with a roommate for the first time is a daunting prospect. After all, you’re going to be sharing a room with a complete stranger for the next nine months! Coming from England, where most college students live in single rooms, I was particularly apprehensive about the roommate experience. However, as it turns out, I had nothing to worry about at all! Living with my roommate, Jules, has been so much fun and it has really enhanced my freshman experience.

As I mentioned in my last post, Roommate 101, it is fairly common to ‘meet’ your roommate online before actually meeting in person. After posting in the Vandy Roommate Finder group on Facebook, Jules and I connected over our mutual passion for international cultures and French music. We messaged back and forth for a while and found that we really clicked. After a few weeks, we decided to apply for housing together as roommates, and the rest is history!

As I said earlier, I was pretty nervous about living with a roommate. In this post, I want to share my experiences and allay your fears, and show you how having a roommate can be the best thing ever. So here is my list of reasons why having is roommate is awesome:

  1. You have a friend from Day One
    Coming to college and realizing you know no one can be scary. However, when you have a roommate, you have an already-made friend. It’s great because you have someone with whom you can explore campus, attend orientation events and just generally figure out college life.

    Jules and I on our way to Anchor Dash!
  2. You have your own personal cheerleader
    One of my favourite things about the Vandy community is how supportive everyone is, and my roommate has been no exception! From leaving each other little pep-talk notes to being a shoulder to cry on, Jules and I have always been there for one another and I value our friendship so much.

  3. Movie Nights and Chinese Delivery
    After a busy day, sometimes all you want to do is curl up with a movie and eat some delicious take-out. There is no one better to do this with than your roommate. After some trial and error, Jules and I have found our favourite Chinese restaurant and I love our Chinese Roomie Nights In.

  4. You have the best late night conversations
    And early morning conversations. And should-be-doing-my-homework-right-now conversations. Roomie chats are the best!

  5. You have someone you can completely be yourself around.
    Your roommate has seen you at your worst (bed hair + morning breath = not-so-beautiful combination) and still loves you regardless!

    So Jules, I’m dedicating this blog post to you. I’ve had an amazing year with you, and even though I’m so sad we won’t be living together next year, I’m excited to see how our friendship progresses over the next 3 years. There’s no one else I would have rather Anchored Down with than you. Love ya!

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