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Posted by on Wednesday, December 17, 2014 in Admissions, College Life, Early Decision, Freshman Life, Student Life.

Ok, so if you read the little subheading blurb under my super creative title, skip this paragraph and proceed to the next please and thank you (you know, unless you were really amused by it and want to re-live it.) Y’all are making me feel old. But more importantly, CONGRATULATIONS. Here’s why you have just made the best decision and earned what has been easily one of the greatest honors of my life.

Wait, I’ll go back to the big, bold, all-caps word in the last paragraph for just one second. Congratulations. You have earned a spot in what is sure to be an incredible first-year class and, perhaps more importantly, in an unbelievably talented, diverse (in every sense of the word,) compassionate community, and we cannot wait to have you here. I know it was no easy feat to do everything you had to do at the level you had to do it in order to accomplish this, but I guarantee you, speaking from experience, it was 100% worth it. Yes, there is hard work ahead, and yes, you have to keep doing this work throughout this year. BUT, congratulations are most certainly in order, again. Use this holiday break to celebrate with friends and family and GET EXCITED.

Wow please get this excited for next year!!

“But, Anne, I already was excited. I cannot wait to live on Commons, (the place my transfer friend described as “a magical dreamland country club,” when she first saw it.) I cannot wait to live in the greatest (by authority of Anne’s opinion) and friendliest city in the US, Nashville. I can’t wait to Anchor Down at the football games, play sports, join service orgs, campus orgs, Greek Life, VSG and do any number of the 40 million things you can do at Vandy. And I really, really, really cannot wait to take classes.”

Wow. You go kid. I feel this—all of this. You definitely made the right choice. But also keep these less-well-known, equally fabulous aspects in mind too:

Here you will undoubtedly be surrounded by new opportunities and world-views that will change your life and your perspective.

Here you have access to what is most certainly world-class level research and mentorship. I have friends in Peabody, Blair, Engineering and A&S who are doing impressive research and/or working with supportive, renowned professors. AND THEY ALL WANT TO DO THIS. These people value undergraduate help and interest. They want to teach and help and support. It’s blown my mind that this is the case with 6,500 undergrads, but it’s definitely true.

Here you will have the most incredible RA’s, VUceptors, student government leaders, friends and role models you could possibly hope to have. My classmates never cease to astound me with their passions and their excitement for y’all’s arrival in August!! Hope you’re just as excited as we all are!


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