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‘black and gold’

On Transferring-Part 2

Feb. 25, 2014—So you want to transfer to VU, round 2.

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The Anchor

Oct. 3, 2013—Last night, as I was at the Munchie getting ready to grab some food and head out to Blair for some late night practicing, I got a text from my house president, Henry. Apparently, there is a big contest for who makes the best Homecoming banner and all the common houses were “battling” to earn...

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Wrapping Things Up

Apr. 25, 2013—In one week, I will be done with Sophomore year and done with half my college career. (assuming I don’t choose to take a victory year). It’s unbelievable how fast this year especially flew up. Only yesterday does it feel like the summer had just ended and I was preparing for my 2nd year at...

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The Joy of Visitors!

Apr. 24, 2011—One of my favorite parts of college is having friends and family visit and being able to show them around! This past week, my uncle came to visit and I was able to give him an unofficial tour of Vanderbilt, as well as go to an Indian restaurant I hadn’t tried out yet called Bombay...

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