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Posted by on Friday, November 29, 2013 in Thanksgiving Break.

A couple of weeks ago, the fearless leaders of Inside ‘Dores asked us to tweet, Instagram, etc. what we’re thankful for and use the hashtag #VUthankful.  While sadly I did not quite accomplish this before Thanksgiving was over, I’d like to take this opportunity (much as Eileen and Victoria did) to show you some Instagrams that I could easily apply #VUthankful to:

Thankful for my wonderful siblings!
little bro
Thankful for spending time at home with my amazing parents! (not pictured: Dad.)
Something I'm sure many college students would be #thankful for: caffeine!
Thankful that sweet Addie came back to our family!
Thankful for sweet friends from home.
Thankful for four incredible seasons with this unbeatable club soccer team. Love y'all so much!
Thankful for my loving, caring suitemates and the opportunity to live with five of my best friends for my senior year.
And finally, so thankful to be a Vanderbilt tour guide and an Inside 'Dores blogger and have the opportunity to share my Vanderbilt experience with prospective students and their families over and over again. #vandyguides

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