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Don’t be Tempted by the Candy Drawer (and other things I learned at my summer internship)

Aug. 6, 2013—At this point in my academic career, I like to think of myself as an internship veteran. I have just finished my second college internship since starting at Vanderbilt, and with this vast experience, I have acquired knowledge I want to share with POSTERITY. For those who are hands-on learners like me, what are you waiting for? Go get yourself an internship!

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Destination: Dallas!

May. 16, 2013—What is Dallas? It is the home to two of my favorite Vandy friends, Sam and Trevor, who made it their mission to uphold their Texas pride and show me their city's best. Well, they just about blew me away!

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Summer, Ho!

May. 7, 2013—Let me let you in on the happenings of this summer!

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