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There’s a job for everyone!

Posted by on Friday, November 9, 2012 in College Life, General Information, Jobs, Work Study.

Hey, guys!

This is Neely, our theatre building.

This week has been crazy because of the workload that is always heaped upon students pre-Thanksgiving break.  However, it’s also been busy for me because it is one of the few weeks I hold an actual job during the semester.  As such, I wanted to talk a bit about the perks of working at Vanderbilt!  It’s really easy to get a job on campus, and not all of them have to be very time-consuming.  I work at the box office in Neely, our school’s theatre.

Basically, that means I work two weeks before each show for six hours a week, and then sometimes work the performance nights.  I give out tickets (free to undergraduates—I totally take advantage of that fact myself!), sell them to alumni or community members, and answer the phone.  It’s only ever really busy on show nights, which means I can spend my hours during the prior weeks doing homework as well.  I love working in the box office: I get paid to meet new people and provide a service to Vanderbilt University Theatre, which I love.

This is the ad for our production of Taming of the Shrew

At the moment we are in the final week of their production of Taming of the Shrew, of which a friend of mine is the stage manager.  I haven’t seen it yet, but I have heard great things.  Plus, VUT’s performances are always worth far beyond the two-hour commitment you make to see them!

Of course there are other jobs on campus that can be flexible to fit your schedule—last year I worked as a note-taker for the EAD.   That meant that I submitted a set of my class notes after each lesson.  At the end of the semester, they paid me for them.  It was a great way to help out my fellow students, make some money, and make sure that I stayed focused in class during the semester.  My roommate Dexy (check out her blog!) is also going to start a new job next semester in the Vanderbilt calling center.  There, she’ll be able to network with alumni, work on homework while working, and make good pay with flexible hours.

No matter what your schedule or working needs are, Vanderbilt has got you covered.  All you need to do is ask. :)

…Until next time!

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