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Bye Bye MacAuthority

Posted by on Thursday, August 16, 2012 in Jobs, Student Life, Summer.

Part of moving back to school means having to say goodbye to people and places that have grown near and dear to the heart over the course of the summer, and my work family at MacAuthority belongs on that list.

As you all know, I began working there towards the end of May after submitting one application and going to an interview two days later (super blessed on that front!). The following two and a half months at work were filled with learning, laughs, and memorable stories that can only result from working in the wonderful world of retail.

My last day of work was last Wednesday. After closing, my manager said that some of my co-workers wanted to take me out to dinner on my last day. When I showed up at Mellow Mushroom that night (a fantastic pizza place!) I saw that ALL of my co-workers showed up to send of me off. Bittersweet is a perfect way to describe my emotions because while it was was so great to hang out with everyone, it was sad knowing that it would be the last time for a few months. But all good things must come to an end, I suppose.

But the end of working for the summer means that my days back at Vandy are quickly approaching, which is a pretty awesome silver lining in my opinion.

The ladies from MacAuthority

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