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‘end of summer’

“I was terrified:” The Weeks Before Move-In Day

Jul. 27, 2016—“Guys?” I looked around the patio table outside the frozen yogurt place. My yogurt hadn’t melted yet; the terrible heat of June had left Dallas. It was August, two weeks away from Move-In Day. “What?” Kristin and Alicia looked at me between bites of their cones. “Is this just me… or are y’all scared for college too?” Kristin and Alicia, two of my best friends since fifth grade, looked at each other and then looked at me. “Oh my gosh, Sophie, we’re terrified.” And then all of us started laughing.

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Soaking up the Sunshine…

Sep. 16, 2013—Nashville is squeezing every last degree of summer warmth for outdoor recreational purposes. Here's to giggling at the Marx brothers, thanks to Belcourt Theatre's outdoor feature, and chomping on kettle corn with the fairies--and almost choking on it from laughing so hard--at Shakespeare in the Park's production of Midsummer Night's Dream!

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Bye Bye MacAuthority

Aug. 16, 2012—Part of moving back to school means having to say goodbye to people and places that have grown near and dear to the heart over the course of the summer, and my work family at MacAuthority belongs on that list.

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