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Life Without a Laptop

Posted by on Sunday, March 25, 2012 in Studying, Tech Services.

For the past few months or so, my laptop had trouble connecting to the internet, but I could usually get it to work by restarting it a few times. Last Sunday afternoon though, it randomly decided it didn’t have the hardware for Wi-Fi anymore, and the Apple store recommended I drop it off there.

After the terrifying realization that I wouldn’t have my laptop for a few days, I copied some important Bio powerpoints onto a jump drive and wrote down my schedule for the next week (since I freakishly schedule almost every minute on iCal).

On Monday morning, I walked to the Mac Authority store by the Vanderbilt Bookstore and dropped off my laptop. While the location of Mac Authority was really convenient, they did take more time than a normal Apple store would to fix it. I was told 3-5 business days and walked back to Stevenson for my next class.

I was so busy last Monday that I didn’t even notice my laptop was gone until about 9 pm. Luckily, one of my housemates didn’t need his and let me use it to study, look over emails, check Facebook…

The rest of the week went by surprisingly well, as I had forgotten that libraries actually had computers too, not just books. I might have gotten behind on a few of my favorite tv shows that I would normally watch online, but my schoolwork didn’t suffer. If anything, this week without my laptop reminded me of all the great resources Vandy has that I finally got to take advantage of.

Central Library

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