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Why it should stay on your list…

Apr. 23, 2013—In the process of making a list of things to bring to college, you might be wondering: Should I buy an iPad? I just got one, and here are a couple of reasons why I think it should stay on your list.

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Life Without a Laptop

Mar. 25, 2012—For the past few months or so, my laptop had trouble connecting to the internet, but I could usually get it to work by restarting it a few times. Last Sunday afternoon though, it randomly decided it didn’t have the hardware for Wi-Fi anymore, and the Apple store recommended I drop it off there.

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No Phone…

Feb. 17, 2011—This past weekend, my phone finally gave in and broke. This is a chronic problem at colleges across the nation- some of my friends have gone through five or more phones in one semester! Nevertheless, this was my third phone since eighth grade, and I had had it for a year and a half, so...

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