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Life Without a Laptop

Mar. 25, 2012—For the past few months or so, my laptop had trouble connecting to the internet, but I could usually get it to work by restarting it a few times. Last Sunday afternoon though, it randomly decided it didn’t have the hardware for Wi-Fi anymore, and the Apple store recommended I drop it off there.

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Food, festivities, and free stuff

Nov. 13, 2011—Fridays are marvelous. They’re probably my favorite day of the week because I only have two classes, the first of which isn’t until 11am and because there are always fun things going on. This last Friday was particularly excellent.

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Books and Books and Books!

Nov. 5, 2011—This Monday, Vanderbilt opened its new bookstore, a Barnes & Noble / Vanderbilt Bookstore combo that had me wanting for months (especially since its construction meant Borders was closed since we got back for this semester). After waiting and waiting and pretending that Central Library’s stacks were actually the shelves of Borders (rest in peace),...

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