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My Kind of Fall Break

Posted by on Saturday, October 8, 2011 in Fall Break, Movies.

While some people like to actually be productive during school breaks and stay at Vanderbilt and study or participate in mission trips, I like to just take a breather. In my defense, I had three midterms before I left and I’ve had a bit of a cough for the last week or so, which is why my restful fall break has been awesome.

Pretty much as soon as I got back home to Knoxville on Wednesday, I slept 12 hours in my own bed…it was glorious. I kicked off Thursday with shopping at the mall with my best friend from home who goes to University of Tennessee, and later saw 50/50 with my mom (GREAT movie—I cried multiple times). Friday morning I was on UT’s campus, studying in their library before I met some high school friends for lunch at the University Center. Today I ran some errands with my mom and might stop by the UT-Georgia football game.

Basically my break has consisted of catching up with friends and family, watching movies/old Arrested Development episodes on Netflix (which is actually coming back in 2013—so exciting!), and eating Chick-fil-a. As much fun as I’ve had, I’m sure I’d get bored in the next few days and I’m just about ready to get back to Vandy. I have a busy week coming up and I’m ready to get started!

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