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‘visiting home’

Embracing La Dolce Far Niente

Dec. 29, 2014—The sweetness of doing nothing.

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I Missed Being a Stereotypical College Student

Nov. 30, 2014—So I just returned from my first time away from Vanderbilt in THREE MONTHS, and let me tell you, it is good to be back. Don’t get me wrong, it was great seeing my friends and family back at home, and even better getting a break from class and tests and essays and homework and...

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Home for the Holidays

Dec. 14, 2012—I am so happy to be writing to you from chilly Chicagoland as I am home! Today, I've already eaten my favorite foods and decorated Christmas cookies with my sister. It was a little weird to see houses decorated for Christmas as I forgot that was a thing. I cannot believe that this semester is already over and I am 3/8 of the way done with college! It is flying!

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Weekend Home

Feb. 13, 2012—I’ve already been up 5 hours and the day is young. No, I wasn’t cramming for a test or finishing up a paper, but rather driving 3 hours back from Knoxville. This past weekend, I went home and got to sleep in my own bed!

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My Kind of Fall Break

Oct. 8, 2011—While some people like to actually be productive during school breaks and stay at Vanderbilt and study or participate in mission trips, I like to just take a breather.

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