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Registration Woes

Nov. 20, 2011—Registration for the spring semester began about two weeks ago, prompting the semesterly panic among Vandy students as YES (the registration system) fails to provide that which we need. For others, who are in no way related to me at all, the panic results from finding out that several classes on the planned schedule for...

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Now It’s November!

Nov. 3, 2011—November is here, and I can’t believe it. The weather is slowly but surely getting chillier, and the leaves are starting to fall from the trees, and class registration for next semester is here!

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Scheduling Begins

Mar. 17, 2011—It’s halfway through March and we’re entering the home-stretch. A (mere?) six weeks of class and a finals week lay between me and a very, very long summer break. It might come as a surprise, then, that the scheduling process for next semester (Fall 2011) has already begun. While it logistically makes sense to open...

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