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Why Peabody?

Mar. 24, 2019—“What’s the deal with Peabody?” “How manageable is your course load?” “Are all Peabody students future teachers?” Being a ‘Dore for a Day host and a writer for this blog, I get asked these sorts of questions a lot. So I’m here to answer some of them for you guys! Peabody is one of my...

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Why I Chose Vanderbilt

Mar. 24, 2019—It’s that time of the year! No, not Christmas– It’s time for regular decision admissions!  I remember how anxious, excited, frustrated, and hopeful, etc. I felt last year during this time and I’d love to share with y’all a little bit why I chose Vanderbilt and how I did it. As the typical type-A student, after...

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