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My Experiences with Ferguson

Dec. 20, 2014—My posts are usually fun and lighthearted; however, this one will be a more serious and addresses an issue very near and dear to me. This semester I got heavily involved with Ferguson and would like to share my experiences as both a student on campus and as a protester.

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5 Tips for Using a Bike on Campus

Oct. 6, 2013—When considering biking around campus, I had a lot of questions: Should I bring my own bike, or rent one? If I bring my own, should I bring a mountain bike or road bike? Where will I put it? How will I maintain it? Will I be able to get around without knocking over pedestrians?...

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This Little Bike of Mine

Jan. 29, 2013—I remember one of the decisions I had to make freshman year was whether or not I wanted a bike. At home I have a fairly nice bike, but my parents didn't want me to bring it to college in case it got stolen. To be honest, the desire to get a bike came mostly out of necessity.

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