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Student Orgs for Days

Nov. 20, 2016—With so many student orgs at Vanderbilt (like 500 now), it can be hard to choose what to involved yourself in. If you'd like to hear about my experiences with orgs, read more here! Maybe I can help you sort out things!

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A Variety of Speakers

Oct. 16, 2016—As you may have picked up, this semester is pretty packed for me — but there’s no cause to worry! Even with eighteen hours and a Mayfield Project (refer to other post), there’s still plenty of time to do things that I like to do. (And if I can do it, I know you can!)...

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A Return to Ferguson

Dec. 20, 2014—"I was drawn to do things that were romantic but could also have a rationale to them," Hayden says. "Romantic in the sense that I think it is noble to stand up against an evil, and that we don't get many opportunities in the normal course of life to do anything that's noble at all. But without a purpose or plan or strategy, it would be self-serving or foolish." He pauses, reflects. "To what extent it was a rationalization as opposed to rational is another question. It was probably sometimes a rationalization." - Tom Hayden, anti-war activist

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Let’s catch up!

Mar. 18, 2011—As I’ve been thrown right back into school after spring break, I’ve neglected to share a lot of pre-spring break events here! Here are a few things I went to that were awesome–and keep an eye out for my upcoming post on the mission trip I went on over Spring Break!

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