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‘vanderbilt medical center’

Shadowing at the Med Center

Feb. 10, 2013—This past Tuesday I got to see a hip replacement, spine surgery, and the inside of Vanderbilt Medical Center.

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The Mouse Room

Jul. 4, 2012—Last Thursday, I got to close up my third week working in the lab by visiting the mouse room.

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Be Our Guest

Jul. 1, 2012—Boston! Serving at Starlight Ministries, going on a non-kayaking extravaganza, going to Costco, and more fun things!

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Why Vanderbilt?

Mar. 11, 2012—With Spring Break last week, I got to go home and catch up with a bunch of my friends still in high school. Since most of them are second-semester seniors, I grilled them all about college. Hearing this whole process again reminded me why I chose to come to Vanderbilt in the first place,

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Health Care For All!

Mar. 22, 2010—No, this blog is not political at all, but it sure got your attention. Whatever happens on capitol hill happens. Truth be told, if you were to give a student the option of reading the over 2000 pages of proposed legislation or taking 5 of the most boring lectures back to back, we’d choose the...

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