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‘United kingdom’

A Taste of “home” in England

Jan. 21, 2013—As part of my study abroad program, we are required to spend a weekend with a family who lives in the United Kingdom. Myself and about twenty-five other students in my program had their home stays this weekend in Shap, a town right below the border of Scotland. So Friday evening we boarded the bus...

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Winter Break/Deuces ‘Murrrrica

Jan. 7, 2013—GREEEEEEEEEEETINGS from Nashv…jk my house. While all of my Vandy friends had their first day of classes today, I packed and ran last minute errands to get ready for my semester abroad in Scotland! Which all begins tomorrow as I fly out of Newark at 7:30pm and land in Edinburgh at 7:30am Wednesday morning!!! I...

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Some BIG news!

Oct. 25, 2012—Click here to find out!!!

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