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Trivia, Trivia, Trivia

Jan. 16, 2015—It’s spring 2015 and I have finally arrived at the last semester of my Vanderbilt career. It has been a long journey but unfortunately it is time to call an end to my years as an undergraduate. How will I spend my last semester at Vanderbilt? I will make the most of the time that...

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Trivial Matters

Dec. 3, 2013—Taking down trash-talkers one trivia question and pizza slice at a time.

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Congrats to the New Tour Guides!

Mar. 22, 2011—When you visit Vanderbilt’s campus for a tour sessions you will first sit in on an Information Session led by one of our awesome Admissions Counselors and then you will be led on a campus tour by a current student. However, these aren’t any ordinary students… they are hand picked every spring by the Admissions...

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