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Congrats to the New Tour Guides!

Posted by on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 in Admissions Links, College Life, Extracurriculars, Freshman Life, Student Life, Traditions.

When you visit Vanderbilt’s campus for a tour sessions you will first sit in on an Information Session led by one of our awesome Admissions Counselors and then you will be led on a campus tour by a current student. However, these aren’t any ordinary students… they are hand picked every spring by the Admissions Counselors and the student-led AmbassaDores Executive Board.

The prospective tour guides must submit an application which consists of four short answer questions and a faculty recommendation in order to be considered. After reading through all of their applications the Executive Board schedules two rounds of interviews for the students, presenting them with some of the tough questions that may be asked of them by prospective parents and students. The questions put them on the spot just as their tour guests will when they come up with questions that they may never have had to face before or may not have even been trained for!

As the outgoing AmbassaDores President, I was so excited to announce the amazing new class of Vanderbilt Tour Guides on Monday, knowing that they are going to be great representatives of the school when I leave! After reviewing the applications and interviews of over 140 applicants and making many tough decisions we decided to take a final 39 new guides for the coming year.

While the application process is tough there are definitely some perks to being a tour guide at Vanderbilt! For starters we get to spend an hour and half each week talking to students and their parents about how much we truly LOVE this school! We also get to move in early in the August before school starts. New tour guides spend two days in training sessions, which while are extremely educational about Vanderbilt also include a “Funniest YouTube Video” contest, free lunches (get a little bit of that tuition back!), lots of laughs, and tons of Vanderbilt trivia. When you are done with training you will know everything you ever wanted — and didn’t want to know — about Vanderbilt and also have a whole new group of friends that you can rely on.

If you are interested in applying to be a Tour Guide or part of the AmbassaDores program when you attend Vanderbilt, click here for more information!

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