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What I Learned by Almost Sleeping Through a Midterm

Feb. 17, 2019—I woke up at 9:39 AM to the sound of pounding on my door. Class had started at 9:35 and it was the day of our first Country Music midterm. The next six minutes were a blur. In that time, I managed to put on a hoodie, grab my backpack, rush down a few flights...

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10 Fast Tips For The Class of 2019

May. 10, 2015—Things people should have told me before freshman year...

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Avoiding the Finals Bug

Dec. 10, 2012—Here are my tips on how to ace all your finals AND not get sick.

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A Stress Free Finals Week

Dec. 8, 2012—In a few days I will be complete with my 5th finals period. Finals are naturally a really stressful time. There are so many projects to finish, papers to write, office hours to go to, homework to finish, and of course final test. It also does not help that it happens to be at a...

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