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10 Fast Tips For The Class of 2019

Posted by on Sunday, May 10, 2015 in College Life, Extracurriculars, Freshman Life, General Information.

Hey, Class of 2019. I like you guys, so I’m going to give you the insider’s scoop to freshman year.
Here’s 10 things you should know. You’re welcome.

  1. 2019 seems like a really long time from now. It isn’t. These will be the shortest four years of your life, but they will be some of the most influential years of your life. Remember this when you’re considering whether or not to get out of bed and go to class.
  2. Do not skip class. Sometimes Commons can seem like a really far walk, but it really isn’t, and it is an incredibly beautiful stroll. Professors care about you and classes really really really matter. Please go to them.
  3. Make friends with upperclassmen. We love you a lot. We also know a lot (well, sorta), and we love to help.
  4. Join clubs. Get involved. Do not wait around to jump into clubs and organizations, otherwise you’ll regret the time you lost. Do it now. (Pro tip: If you are interested in WRVU, Inside ‘Dores, or The McGill Project–email me now!!!!)
  5. Hands On Nashville is an awesome resource for volunteering in Nashville. Use it. Get involved. Helping people is good, and this is an awesome way to get off campus and explore Nashville with your friends.
  6. STUDY. MANAGE YOUR TIME. I know, I know. Your first year in college is full of opportunities, but academics are a large part of those opportunities. Don’t get distracted. Stay focused. Learn to manage time. Learn to sacrifice re-watching “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” for studying for the Chemistry exam. You will not regret this decision. Matthew McConaughey will wait for you.
  7. Eat but exercise. The Freshman 15 was invented because of Vanderbilt food. Oh, and eat at Grins and The Kitchen whenever you’re on main campus. Mmmmm, food. Also, try out some of Nashville’s famous places (The Pharmacy, Burger Up, Rotier’s, Hattie B’s). Oh! And take advantage of the Taste of Nashville program! Sorry, I have a lot to say about food…But yeah, exercise.
  8. Meet me. Seriously, I am pretty cool. We should hang out.
  9. Go to sporting events. I don’t care if it wasn’t cool in high school. You’re at an SEC school. It’s really cool now.
  10. Figure out who you are. Freshman year can be taxing. New opportunities arise, new people come into play, and sometimes you can get lost in the mix. Remember where you come from, but be open to changes. Vanderbilt is an exciting place, but don’t get lost in the noise Stay focused. Stay driven. Stay you.

Okay, that’s all I got. If you have any more questions or just don’t believe my tips, please email me:

See ya in the fall, guys!

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