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‘Swing Dancing’

Standing on the Cumberland Bridge (Status of College: 25% Completed!)

May. 11, 2016—The last night before I left, Carolyn and I took a bus into Nashville and walked along the pedestrian bridge (it’s beautiful!) Standing on the bridge, overlooking the Cumberland, we couldn’t believe how far we had come. As we looked at the lights' reflection on the river water, only one question ran through our minds: How did this happen?

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Something’s Changed: Coming Back to Vandy, January 2016

Mar. 7, 2016—After a changed flight number and an hour-and-a-half delay, I’m finally headed back to Vanderbilt!!! I’m so excited to go back and have a huge salad from the salad bar, or maybe a veggie burger with Tabasco, or maybe even a bowl of rice. Or actually, maybe everything. After all, I have five new flex meals… ;)

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The Happiest Student at Vanderbilt: Random Things I’ve Done at Vandy (Christmas Edition!)

Dec. 23, 2015—Thus ends the first semester of my freshman year. I was my high school valedictorian and I failed three tests. I’m so completely ungraceful that I opened a door once and fell over; I learned to swing dance. I would have described myself as an “introvert” before coming to college; I’ve discovered I LOVE people.

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This is Vanderbilt.

Oct. 7, 2015—I spun through the air and then landed on the concrete, laughing. It was midnight and Zack and I had just attempted the swing dancing routine Around the World. Around us, about seventy-five people swing danced, whirling around in sundresses or sweatpants, their feet scraping against the floor of the top of the parking garage.

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Swing Dancing in the Park

Aug. 28, 2011—Something is always happening in Nashville.  There are tons of free events to go to, both on and off campus.  This past Saturday, one of my friends invited (dragged) me to Centennial Park, which is right across the street from Vandy, to go swing dancing.  Centennial Park is especially famous for the Parthenon, which houses an...

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