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‘Studying Abroad’

Studying Abroad As a Pre-Med Student

Jul. 18, 2018—In my senior year of high school, there were so many factors that I considered in my search for the perfect college: acceptance rate, tuition, location, etc. On that list of things was the quality of the university’s study abroad program. I had known for a long time that I wanted to study abroad in...

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The Road to Copenhagen

Oct. 21, 2016—A year ago, I would have told you there was no way I was spending one of my precious eight semesters as a Vanderbilt student away from campus. There were too many things to do at Vanderbilt, too many leadership positions in jeopardy, and too many friends I couldn’t live without. I couldn’t imagine walking...

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A Farewell Until Fall- Study Abroad at Vanderbilt

Dec. 14, 2013—This afternoon, I helped one of my friends pack up her car for winter break. It wasn’t until I saw Greta’s empty room that I realized she wasn’t going to be here next semester because she is going abroad.

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