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‘staying healthy’

Food!!! (ft. cooking in college)

Jan. 2, 2020—Happy New Year everyone! One of my New Years Resolutions is to continue to cook more and eat healthier. I started meal prepping more this semester and it’s probably one of the things I’m most proud of. The best part about the dorms on Vandy campus is that there are kitchens easily accessible by all...

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Worried about the Freshman 15?

Oct. 16, 2017—Ah, the notorious freshman 15. We’ve all heard of it, and some of us may have even experienced it. According to human psychology, the freshman 15 can be explained in the sense that humans tend to eat more when given more food options, are placed in a social setting, and are generally happier. However, the...

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Commons Plague

Mar. 12, 2017—Congratulations on making it a full month without getting sick since starting the college! Oh wait, you just suppressed a cough, didn’t you? I can hear you sniffling, trying to catch your runny nose. Hey, at least you made it through the week you had three tests before your immune system finally gave out. What...

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