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Commons Plague

Posted by on Sunday, March 12, 2017 in Commons, Freshman Life, General Information, Health, Student Life.

Congratulations on making it a full month without getting sick since starting the college! Oh wait, you just suppressed a cough, didn’t you? I can hear you sniffling, trying to catch your runny nose. Hey, at least you made it through the week you had three tests before your immune system finally gave out. What is this misery and why did it pick you?

Not everyone necessarily gets this sick or experiences all these symptoms, but they are common, especially since we all live in close quarters

Commons plague. 

No matter how strong your immune system may seem, this ailment is quite prevalent, catching us when we least expect it. The high point of the season is usually in the middle of the semester, when coughs ripple through lectures. Maybe you’re part of the ripple, feeling bad every time you have to cough. Or maybe you’re on the other side of the spectrum, trying to hide your annoyance every time someone sounds like they’re dying, especially when trying to focus on a Gen Chem exam. Either way, no matter how much of a nuisance it is, everyone gets sick at some point in college, but there are ways to prevent it and also deal with it when necessary.

Prevention tips:

Wash your hands often, especially before eating. Take advantage of the more healthy food options on campus, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Lastly, remember to actually take those multivitamins your mom bought for you.

Well, you’ve been doing all that and you still got sick. Now what?

A great place to go if you feel sick is the Zerfoss Student Health Center, by Stevenson and McTeiyre. I recommend making an appointment in advance to avoid a long wait before being seen, but you can certainly walk in, like I did when I was sick. When you check in, they’ll give you a face mask so as to prevent any potential contagion, especially if there’s a known outbreak

Keep following the prevention tips, but, as your mother and the doctor would advise (in my case, both are the same person), now your job is to work less (crazy for a Vandy student!). The first thing to do is take it easy. Sleep more, there will be other times you can go out with friends. And I cannot emphasize the effectiveness of Sinus Rinse. Who knew so much gunk could accumulate up there? Trust me, your body will thank you.

(The Healing Path)

By following these tips *hopefully* you can either avoid succumbing to commons plague altogether, breezing through earliest warning signs before it settles in, or at least get through it quickly.

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