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‘Service Trip’

Spring Break 2019 Plans

Jan. 14, 2019—Though this semester has just begun, one thing that is on my radar already is spring break. While there are a couple months between me and break, it is definitely something I’m already looking forward to, as I am a site leader for Vanderbilt’s Alternative Spring Break program this year.   What is Alternative Spring...

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7 Days of Blogging: Alternative Spring Break

Nov. 22, 2017—While next semester is still relatively far away, one of the things I’m most excited about when it comes to sophomore year is spring break! Last year, I went home for spring break, which was a much needed period of relaxation, but this year I wanted to take the plunge and try something new for break....

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Gathering a Drop of Water: A South Africa Summer

Feb. 20, 2014—In preparation for this summer's OACS Global Service project in South Africa, our group met for the first seminar.

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Que Chilero!

Jul. 11, 2011—“Very nice!” or “So cool!” are common phrases in English.  “Chilero,” a word unique to Guatemala, expresses the same sentiment.  “¡Que Chilero!” was my favorite of the new phrases I learned while on my sixteen day Guatemalan adventure. Immediately after completing spring semester finals, I departed for a Guatemalan service trip with my 18-year-old brother...

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