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The Thanksgiving Scramble

Nov. 18, 2013—It is Monday.  This is my list of things to do: Time to freak out.  Not. This week, the week before Thanksgiving Break, is probably the worst week of the fall semester. It doesn’t help that there is only week after Thanksgiving before Finals start. Scary, scary times. How do you combat this feeling of...

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Why Vanderbilt: A Musician’s Perspective, Part 1

Oct. 22, 2013—Usually at the end of sophomore year, when we have to choose our majors, we hit a wall. We figuratively hit it really hard. We come to that point where we ask ourselves the academic existentialist question, "Why am I in school?" For me, specifically, it was the question, "What I am doing.... as a musician?"

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Country Music 101

Jan. 12, 2013—Would you like to take the History of Country Music taught by a Grammy Nominated songwriter in Nashville, the "mecca" of Country Music, for a liberal arts requirement?

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Central Library Shenanigans

Sep. 12, 2012—One of my first experiences at the Central Library became an epic endeavor in search of a book.

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Microspheres and DTI: What Am I Doing Here?

Dec. 7, 2011—This afternoon, I got a chance to see two presentations by Master’s candidates in the Biomedical Engineering department. Surrounded by rabidly hungry grad students (it was actually really funny to see them race for the free pizza), I was first treated to an intellectually stimulating presentation on smart microspheres developed to release drugs in a...

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