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Why You Should Join a Club Sport

Nov. 29, 2019—For most people, high school consisted of school, friends, and sports. If you’re like me, you don’t want your sports career to end after high school, but you also aren’t going to play on one of Vanderbilt’s amazing D1 teams. Fear not though, because there are other options. One of the best things I did...

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A Rower’s Perspective

Sep. 9, 2016—Just two short months ago, I was sitting at the start line at nationals with four girls behind me and four in front of me.  The next seven minutes were something we had all thought about and trained for throughout the past year.  Before I knew it, the officials started the race and we were...

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Vanderbilt Club Rowing

Jul. 12, 2015—If you’re an incoming first-year, someone in your life has probably given you the spiel about how “college is a time to try new things.” It sounds cheesy, but it’s also one of the most exciting things about beginning your first year of college. When I was in your position just one year ago, I...

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