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A Musical Weekend

Apr. 15, 2019—Over the weekend I had the chance to attend many musical events including the Nashville Orchestra’s performance of Tchaikovsky’s Fourth Symphony, Vanderbilt Commodore Orchestra’s Spring Concert, and the Rites of Spring concert. I did have some work but most of the intense studying will start later this week as we prepare for finals. Coming to...

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There’s No Place Like Nashville

Apr. 14, 2014—As if you need more incentive to come visit Vanderbilt and Nashville, here it is. A run-down of my last four days that have made me fall even more in love with Nashville.

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Feb. 28, 2012—As the short winter here begins to fade and we start to get some random 75 and sunny days–typical of Nashville in the springtime–students start to anticipate the announcement of the Rites of Spring lineup….And I’m happy to announce that it’s OUT!!

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