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Sami Reads the Viewbook

Dec. 12, 2014—Now that I’ve been home for almost a week with no schoolwork (wait, what?), and have been trapped inside by a lovely and uncharacteristic California rainstorm, I’ve starting coming up with some pretty nerdy ways to entertain myself. And I missed my Vanderbilt so much that I decided to dig up the viewbook they sent...

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Is Vanderbilt more stressful than the average university?

Apr. 28, 2014—Vanderbilt was recently ranked by CollegeXpress as one of the top ten most stressful undergraduate institutions in the U.S. This ranking takes into account data about the cost of tuition, academic rigor, acceptance rate, rigor of the school's graduate engineering program, and crime on campus, using data from the U.S. News & World Report and the National Center on Education Statistics. At face value, this ranking does not seem like something to brag about. Why would anyone choose to spend four years of their life here if it was possible to earn a degree from a less stressful environment? But when you take a closer look at the ranking system, you see that the only true negative factor is crime.

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