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Swanky Girls Night: Holiday Edition

Dec. 20, 2014—If there is anything that you should know about my group of girl friends, it's that we are bursting with swagger and class. The best way to celebrate this level of swagger is through festive gatherings, something that my friend Vicky and I know all too well. That is why when Vicky texted me over Thanksgiving Break proposing the co-hosting of a holiday get-together of the swanky girls, the only possible answer was "absolutely."

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Valentine’s Day

Feb. 16, 2013—This past week was tech week on VUT’s new show, the Good Person of Sezuan, so I was insanely busy. That still was not able to stop me from finding time to celebrate one of my favorite holidays—Valentine’s Day!

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Formal Weekend

Apr. 6, 2011—In my opinion Formal Weekend and Rites of Spring Weekend are the two best weekends of the semester, no question. Rites will be blogged about next week, so for now I’m gonna focus on Formal Weekend.

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4:30am Wake Up Calls, Chasing Boys, and Sisterly Bonding – It must be Derby Days!

Mar. 24, 2011—Every year on Vanderbilt’s campus there is a week where sleep becomes non-existent for sorority girls from the hours of 4:30am on, it is not unusual to see a girl pop out of a bush next to you when you are walking down Alumni Lawn to class, and all that loud music, yeah, it’s coming...

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