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Neat Dorm Organizing Solutions!

Aug. 1, 2012—I’ve spent a lot (read: a lot) of time on Instructables this summer learning how to make little this‘s and that‘s and doohickeys. During my tenure on this Internet home for crafty people, I ran across a few ideas for dorm-approved storage/organization solutions. If you’re like me, young firstlings, you’ll find that all your beautiful...

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The Writing Studio

Apr. 11, 2012—As a student in the College of Arts and Science, I am required to complete at least three writing based courses throughout my four years at Vanderbilt. One of these requirements is a First Year Writing Seminar. It might sound boring, but the topics are actually very interesting (For example, my class is about Disney!)....

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The Quick Approach of Finals

Dec. 8, 2011—I have learned one thing: no matter where you are in the world, the approach of finals will always induce stress, regardless of how little actual exams you have.

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