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‘on campus programming’

A Vandy Weekend

Feb. 8, 2019—Last weekend, for me, was pretty busy but fun! Here’s a glimpse into what I did on campus last weekend. On Friday, my friends and I went to Commons Ball in the Commons Center. Each year, Commons has a huge party on Commons with catered food, amazing decorations, a photo booth, and different games based...

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So Many Speakers, So Little Time

Mar. 31, 2010—Tonight I am going to see former Massachusetts’s governor Mitt Romney speak at Vanderbilt’s own Langford Auditorium.  Last night political activist Ralph Nadar and John Stossel were here as well.  These lectures are a part of Impact Symposium.  This year’s theme: “The Future of Capitalism.” Last year former U.S. Secretary Madeline Albright and former Israeli...

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Hip Hop at Vanderbilt?

Dec. 21, 2009—When I decided to come to Vanderbilt there were a lot of things that attracted me to the school and to the city of Nashville. Music was not one of them. I love hip-hop music and even though Nashville is known as Music City, it’s not exactly the type of stuff you’ll find in my...

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