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Embodying Diversity: Lackhoney

Mar. 23, 2018—Vanderbilt student by day and rapper/producer by night, Aly Lakhani, better known by his alias LACKHONEY, recently hit 80 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify! He is yet another embodiment of how diverse this campus is, and an example of how hard work and perseverance really do pay off. Talking with him made me see how...

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Why Vanderbilt: A Musician’s Perspective, Part 1

Oct. 22, 2013—Usually at the end of sophomore year, when we have to choose our majors, we hit a wall. We figuratively hit it really hard. We come to that point where we ask ourselves the academic existentialist question, "Why am I in school?" For me, specifically, it was the question, "What I am doing.... as a musician?"

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