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The Life of a Student Intern

Oct. 10, 2019—If you read my last blog, you know my summer was full of applications and interviews, and a lot of disappointment. But hey, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Eventually my trying paid off! After a lot of hard work, I am proud to say that I have officially graduated from student...

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What Is New in My Vanderbilt Life

Sep. 20, 2019—Happy Fall 2019 everyone! My summer break was rejuvenating. I watched TV dramas and movies in a wide range of topics from all over the world. I believe doing so is relaxing and beneficial to my writing. Besides, I read books relevant to Asian Studies, spent wonderful time with family and friends, and visited multiple...

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Exploring Fascist Rome

Apr. 30, 2013—Today, I got a break from ancient and Renaissance history to step back and look at the Fascist Era architecture that defines much of the modern Roman city.

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