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‘med school’

Big News…

Sep. 29, 2019—I got accepted to medical school!!! As I type this phrase inside of a bustling coffee shop, I still can’t fully believe that it’s real. It feels like not so long ago I was stressing about gen chem, into bio, organic chem, and biochem midterms without seeing the light at the end of the tunnel....

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A window into the Future

Oct. 3, 2013—My experiences shadowing a Physician at the Vanderbilt Medical Center

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The Freshmen Pre-Med Guide

Jun. 11, 2013—Are you about to enter Freshman year at Vanderbilt? Do you have plans of entering Medical School? I'm here to give you some tips and pointers as you begin your journey.

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So What is Biomedical Engineering..?

Mar. 24, 2013—I first discovered my major, biomedical engineering, my freshman year of high school when flipping through a book of possible careers. Six years later I am still learning each day more about this major that I've chosen as it covers such a wide array of careers. While BME is quite challenging (it is thought to be the hardest major on campus), it is very rewarding.

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