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Catch-Up With Victoria and Nathan: Chapter VII

Dec. 8, 2012—Loyal lovers of literature, delightful ‘Dore devotees, faithful followers of fuh-this blog, you have done well. Our whirlwind time-travel tour of this semester is progressing nicely, and we’re drawing nearer to the present with each update. For my past editions of the Catch-Up Chronicles, as well as those written by my dear friend Victoria, get...

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The Mechatronics Master

Apr. 27, 2012—As I mentioned in a post near the semester’s beginning, my Mechatronics class culminated in a final design project. I celebrated Rites of Spring (click here for Victoria’s article) by staying up very very late night after night in order to design, build, troubleshoot and complete my project, and the fruits of my labor (the system and the 10-page...

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Final Projects

Mar. 26, 2012—For better or for worse, there are a lot of indicators that I’m becoming an upperclassman (see Figure 1). I have a lot of (sometimes unwanted) responsibilities in ROTC, I’m finding myself considering leadership in multiple school organizations, and my schoolwork is maturing from problem sets to more design and analysis-based projects.

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How I Know the Robots Are After Me

Mar. 1, 2012—Earlier in the semester (MUCH earlier), I talked about my first day of Mechatronics class. I mentioned the kit we’d be working with, complete with Arduino micro-controller, circuit components, and other such tools. Each week in February (the kits came into the bookstore late), we’ve had an assignment involving creating or modifying code for the...

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Classes, Day 2

Jan. 11, 2012—Readers, would you be thrilled if I posted every single day? I imagine not. Nevertheless, I am updating to follow up on my article from yesterday, to talk about the next of my classes (I still have a class that won’t meet this week, which will merit its own article next week!).

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Registration Woes

Nov. 20, 2011—Registration for the spring semester began about two weeks ago, prompting the semesterly panic among Vandy students as YES (the registration system) fails to provide that which we need. For others, who are in no way related to me at all, the panic results from finding out that several classes on the planned schedule for...

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