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How to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

Dec. 9, 2018—Dorm room shopping is one of the most memorable and exciting parts of starting your college journey; everyone remembers their first dorm room and all the fun they had shopping for just the right things to put in it.  Having the opportunity to decorate a space that is (almost) all your own is a big...

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The Thanksgiving Scramble

Nov. 18, 2013—It is Monday.  This is my list of things to do: Time to freak out.  Not. This week, the week before Thanksgiving Break, is probably the worst week of the fall semester. It doesn’t help that there is only week after Thanksgiving before Finals start. Scary, scary times. How do you combat this feeling of...

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When the Going Gets Tough

Sep. 25, 2013—...this girl relies on coffee, sleep and Grey’s Anatomy to make it through the week.

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